Yonder Boys “Mosey on Down” – Americana UK

Yonder Boys “Mosey on Down” – Americana UK
Photo credit: Johannes Gerblinger

The ‘acid folk’ of Yonder Boys’ music blends traditional instruments and Americana with a range of other influences, from psychedelia to Latin and pop.  The resulting distinctive sound is a sonic adventure, full of unexpected twists.  The latest single from the Berlin-based trio, ‘Mosey on Down’, features Han Sato’s atmospheric tenor saxophone as an additional layer, complementing David Stewart Ingleton’s banjo and multi-instrumentalist Tomás Peralta’s bass, keys and percussion.  Vocals from Ingleton and Jason Serious are typically moody, especially the almost-spoken verses, which deliver a creeping, palpable sense of dread.  Accompanying the song is a beautifully-shot and creative video from Stephan Vogt and Ronja Polzin.  There’s a horrifying and unsettling strangeness throughout, ending perfectly and uncomfortably with Ingleton looking at his dance-partner before stepping away and sitting on the floor as the song fades.

The single is taken from Yonder Boys’ 2020 debut album, appropriately titled ‘Acid Folk’, which takes bluegrass and turns it into something new and refreshing.  The band’s name reflects the fact that the members have travelled from all over the world, finding themselves now resident in Germany: Ingleton hails from Australia, Serious is American and Peralta is from Chile.  It’s the unlikely mix of their global influences and traditions that makes Yonder Boys sound unique.  Genre-defying, often surprising and ambitious, Yonder Boys are definitely a band to check out.  Enjoy.

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