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London creative Yellow Days has shared his soothing new song ‘Inner Peace’.

The songwriter’s new EP ‘Inner Peace’ is out on September 23rd, a seven tracker built at his studio in East London. Out in full shortly, he says the project “is the account of a modern person growing up in an atheist society that isn’t quick to pass detailed guidance between generations, attempting to grapple with philosophy and to attain a peacefulness.”

“Unexpectedly experiencing feelings of God, the Universe or the divine and finding a pseudo religious faith in love, kindness and some unworldly power. A faulted, potentially superficial and misguided set of principles like ‘Life’s Too Short’ and ‘Things Gonna Work Themselves Out’ that are just basic knock-off trinkets of wisdom.”

The soothing title track is online now, all billowing sonics helmed by Yellow Days’ vocal. The probing lyricism touches on the EP’s broader themes, a song that seems to present a space for subtle immersion.

Tune in now.

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