Willum Maindo Drops New Single ‘Slay In This Bitch’ | News

Willum Maindo Drops New Single 'Slay In This Bitch' | News

Willum Maindo has shared new single ‘Slay This Bitch’.

The London all-rounder has been making music since he was a kid, fusing together aspects of the 90s R&B he grew up on, with punchy rap and hip-hop flavours.

A flurry of singles have made his name, with Willum citing everyone from D’Angelo to Jacob Collier and Kanye West as a point of inspiration.

Out now, ‘Slay In This Bitch’ is a direct and open piece of songwriting, displaying the London artist at his most dynamic. He comments…

‘Slay In This Bitch’ is aggressively sassy and hyper in energy, the song’s main purpose was to be a reminder to myself and anyone that you can literally rule the world if you carry yourself with confidence and if you fully believe in yourself.

Tune in now.

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