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Willie J Healey will release new album ‘Bunny’ on March 24th.

The songwriter’s 2020 full length ‘Twin Heavy’ was well-received, the indie cherub’s rise halted by a little thing known as a Global Pandemic.

Sitting down to find fresh focus, Willie J Healey has shared plans for a new record, one that absorbs funk, soul, and R&B influences. There’s a kind of Bowie style rhythmic elasticity to his new work, and it follows sessions in New York.

Willie comments…

“The whole era is something that I love. Long before making ‘Twin Heavy’, I had always listened to funk, soul and R&B, but for some reason it never translated into my own music. Really my inspiration was just the feel of things, I really enjoyed playing music that makes you feel really good.”

New album ‘Bunny’ is out on March 23rd, with lead single ‘Dreams’ online now. Floating into view with a soulful undertone, the track’s itchy rhythmic interplay seems to point at a more physical presence on Healy’s new work.

touring alongside Florence + The Machine

2020’s ‘Twin Heavy’

recorded in New York

He says…

“‘Dreams’ is a song I wrote when thinking about the cost of an ambition. The idea behind the video is, what would life be like if you had to carry all of the money you made on your back, and that if you did have to carry it you probably wouldn’t want as much.’”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Hollie Fernando

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