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Welsh group CVC have detailed their debut album ‘Get Real’.

The incoming album is out in January, and it follows a summer of scorching live shows from the band. Matching rock prowess to a sense of showmanship lifted from glam, CVC also have a touching, almost introspective side to their lyricism.

Local-boys-made-good, their acclaimed EP ‘Real To Reel’ saw the band get their precocious energy down on record – and now it’s time for a full length endeavour.

As they put it: “The album was recorded with love in the living room of a student house in Cardiff around one microphone, as we searched for a new sound… we used pots and pans for percussion, Welsh thunder for atmosphere and 40p Ramen Noodle soups for dinner.”

Scorching new single ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ is out now, a bulldozer of a track blessed with an impeccable chorus. Discussing the song, CVC add: “It’s about a time when everyone around us seemed to be wrapped up in Tinder and one-night stands…”

A saucy number, you can tap in below:

CVC will release debut album ‘Get Real’ on January 13th.

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