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Etta Marcus isn’t about to hold back. For this young South London talent, music is a space for honesty, and songwriting is an avenue for emotions to pour down freely. Maybe she’s an over-sharer, in that sense – but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

New EP ‘Heart-Shaped Bruise’ will be released on November 4th, with her song ‘Nosebleed’ displaying a darker streak to her empathetic, indie-leaning sound.

Open and melodic, her delivery is reminiscent of Julia Jacklin or Snail Mail, but there’s also a pop edge to Etta Marcus’ delivery. Lyrically, she’s discussing anger and revenge, but it’s clear that the violence is in her mind – it’s as much about self-blame and hurt, as it is about lashing out.

She sings: “I am the bitch that broke your nose / I bet you slept with a dark red pillow / But when we wake up, it’s white / When we wake up, we’re nice…” 

As she puts it, the song is about “subconscious doubts”. Crafted in the studio with frequent creative partner Josh Scarbrow, ‘Nosebleed’ is about a real-life dream, and how those feelings sent tendrils out to her waking life.

She comments: “The song stems from a dream I had, filled with stark imagery and uncomfortable scenarios that made me second guess things. I would ask myself, is my brain trying to hatch an evil plan against me? Or is it trying to tell me something? I felt like so many people would be able to empathise with that.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Lillie Eiger

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