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Debbie is something special. A truly remarkable vocalist, her empathetic streak renders each song – each note, even – as something gilded, a true gift from her to you.

Snapped up by 0207 Def Jam and lauded by Stormzy, Debbie has the wind in her sails. Amid the hype, though, she’s refusing to be carried away, finessing her music, and locating renewed focus amid the headlines.

Out now, new single ‘Cherry Wine’ is a gorgeous return, a soulful incantation that nods to prime 00s R&B and Millennial neo-soul while still location a fresh, and uniquely British path.

Reminiscent of everyone from TLC to Erykah Badu, it’s also worth shouting out prime UK talent like Gabrielle, too. Venna breaths life into his saxophone party, while much-tipped US riser Fridayy – who recently stole the show on DJ Khaled’s album – is on BVs.

The star of the show, however, is the quiet confidence of Debbie’s delivery. Curiously, though, the song is actually about her insecurities, with the lyric discussing social anxiety.

‘Cherry Wine’”Am I too late / Am I too late for the party? / Tell ’em don’t start without me…”

She explains…

“Sometimes I feel alone in a room full of people – it’s like the ultimate brain fog, and I can’t seem to get past my mental block and just socialise. ‘Cherry Wine’ is me talking about how I can be awkward at times and need some dutch courage (aka ‘Cherry Wine’) in order to relax and get comfortable.”

Out now, Debbie shot a gorgeous live version of ‘Cherry Wine’ at London’s newly refurb’d venue KOKO – part of their ambitious Eclipse series, it’s a stunning performance from an artist to watch.

Tune in now.

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