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Shy Martin is infatuated with the art of songwriting. A pop genius from Sweden – well, the Nordic nation isn’t exactly short of those, are they? – she’s been involved in music since her teens, notching up some bona fide smash hits in the process.

Having previously written for the likes of The Chainsmokers, Ellie Goulding, Jess Glyne and Astrid S, Shy Martin notched up millions upon millions of streams, all while lingering in the background.

Deciding to step out on her own, a pair of sublime singles – ‘No Regrets’ and the equally inspired ‘Feelings’ – carved out a unique identity, with her hushed voice and stunning melodies

Taking a short break to recalibrate, Shy Martin returns with her enchanting new single ‘wish I didn’t know you’. Her voice has rarely been so focussed, so open, or so beautiful, with the Swedish artist truly casting a spell with this latest marvel.


r 2021 singles No Regrets and Feelings

In true humble style, she introduces it by commenting: “I know it’s been a while, thank you for being so patient with me…”

Shy continues: “I have spent the last year and a half only focusing on my own music and on creating a safe creative space for myself. Luckily my brother pushed me to go back to how I first started writing – on my bed, on the guitar, about whatever I’m really feeling or going through at the moment.”

“Writing these upcoming songs has been really important to me in a therapeutic way and I don’t think I’ve ever found more comfort in writing than I did last year. I’ve intentionally stayed in my own bubble to create more honest music that I can’t wait to share!”

Tune in now.

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