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Rock and soul legend Tina Turner has died, it has been confirmed.

The singer was 83 years old, and spent the final years of her life in Switzerland. A practising Buddhist, she spent her last years away from music, but suffered a number of health issues, including cancer, a stroke and kidney failure.

Born in Tennessee, Tina Turner first found fame as a backing singer, part of Ike Turner’s band The Kings of Rhythm. The two married, and Tina’s explosive voice and huge personality transformed her into the lead singer of the ensemble.

Ike Turner was a rock ‘n’ roll pioneer, and took this energy into R&B and soul. The two rose to the upper echelons of music, but the relationship was not a healthy one – physically and emotionally abusive, Ike subjected his wife to appalling treatment.

Tina Turner’s phenomenal stage shows turned her into an icon, with hits including the Phil Spector produced ‘River Deep Mountain High’. The pair were adopted by the West Coast rock scene, more than holding their own with younger acts – indeed, their greatest hits lay ahead of them, such as Tina’s rollercoaster take on ‘Proud Mary’.

Divorcing her husband in the mid 70s, Tina Turner at first feared she would fall out of music. However an unlikely but wholly deserved second act saw her claim success once more, with singles such as ‘Simply The Best’ introducing her to a fresh audience.

1993 film What’s Love Got To Do With It dramatised her life, and brought her abusive first marriage to the screen. By this point, though, her former husband had fallen far beyond the limelight, while albums such as ‘Private Dancer’ propelled Tina Turner to international stardom.

She married Erwin Bach in 2013, and had four children. In 2021, Tina Turner sold her catalogue in its entirety. Although the full sum was not disclosed, BMG confirmed that it was the largest single artist acquisition in its history.

Born Anna Mae Bullock, she will be remembered to the world as – simply – Tina.

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