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The Queen’s Head have shared plans for debut EP ‘Haunt’.

The band are causing a stir in London, with their packed out shows exhibiting an all-too-rare sense of energy. Skewed, caustic songwriting, The Queen’s Head meld together aspects of post-punk with cold wave synths, illuminated by some surrealistic word play.

Debut EP ‘Haunt’ is out on November 18th, co-produced by the band’s own Tom Butler alongside Andy Savours. Ahead of this, new single ‘Committed’ is online now, with its throbbing bass line aligned to that preening vocal, which boasts “use me like a Netflix subscription…”

Tom Butler comments…

“I find myself, as do many around me, utterly desperate for love and connection, reaching for the absurdest enactments of human touch to momentarily escape life’s horrors. Ironically, such escape is, in itself, its own horror – ‘Committed’ explores this.”

On the seductive surface, the rhythm is funky and the melodies are pure-pop. But the spoken word voice is depressed, the electronics are harsh and bar-length chords move down, down, down such that the funkier moments become if not uncomfortable, then pathetic. You want to have fun with others, shake your hips in the rapture of a guitar solo – that most patriarchal of musical ideas and the ironic climax of the song – but get the impression that to do so is short-sighted and ineffectual. Because it is.”

Tom Butler also pieced together the video, an unsettling blend of hidden desires – and desires that should perhaps remain hidden. He adds:  “The following footage explores vulgarity, the horrors of desire and the twisted terrors found in the depths of our collective and individual subconscious.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Holly Whittaker

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