The Fiends Release New Single ‘Cyanide’ | News

The Fiends Release New Single ‘Cyanide’ | News

The Fiends are channelling a bittersweet youth on latest single ‘Cyanide’.

Since their formation in 2020, the five-piece Welsh band have been drawing on their stylistic differences and inspirations to make their mark across the post-punk scene. Building a local following that has seen them sell out both of their headline shows, The Fiends thrive in their pop-infused approach to alternative rock, maintaining its original shabby aesthetics. They have also gone on to support the likes of The Snuts, As December Falls and Lottery Winners, expanding their fan base at every corner.

‘Cyanide’ is a bold offering that is witness to the band’s synergy, captured across slick, stylised visuals. The track’s songwriting lands its listener in the euphoric chaos of a house party, layering a groovy bass line under rough and ready guitar riffs. Frontman Ethan Goslett leads with distorted vocals, illustrating in his opening lines “the champagne lovers, are going undercover and they’re high as a kite, downstairs a group of teens, swallowing a pill that’s white”.

Making for one of the first tracks written together as a band, ‘Cyanide’ taps into nostalgic rebellion.

They comment: “Cyanide is an outlook on youth that reflects on being young and dumb with alcohol and drugs. From Ethan’s perspective, it’s what almost everyone experiences going to a house party that is often a rush of chaotic energy, probably because all the teenagers took cocaine or something like that.

The song itself depicts that addicting feeling as it’s one of our catchiest indie tunes to date. Josh and Bal are driving the riff throughout verses until the hook hits you like a rush. I think our fans love it so much because it’s something they can relate to and shout back at us at the same time.”

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