The Blue Highways “Nobody Lives Here Anymore” – Americana UK

The Blue Highways “Nobody Lives Here Anymore” – Americana UK

Check out the premiere of the latest release from The Blue Highways.  After a summer of festival appearances and live shows, the band roar back with ‘Nobody Lives Here Anymore’, an anthem for the disenchanted and powerless, which is due for release on 14th October.  Beginning with a bright electric strum and then Jack Lury’s tuneful lead guitar, the song then explodes into life with Theo Lury’s trademark pounding drums driving everything forward.  Known for his characterful vocals, Callum Lury tears into the song with a passionate delivery.  The Lury brothers are at the heart of The Blue Highways and there’s an instinctiveness to the way their instruments and musical layers build and complement one another.  The band often perform with a great level of energy but here, on this new song, there’s a harder edge to their sound that matches the subject matter.  ‘Nobody Lives Here Anymore’ is possibly their most political song to date; it’s a song for our times and the band were inspired to respond to a series of injustices and social issues that we face today.  From the decline of our towns to the hypocrisy of those who wield political power, Callum Lury rages and rails against the state of the world around us: “In the shadows, where secrets hide // Something stirring quietly, anger starts to rise.”  But in acknowledging and highlighting these realities, in their heartfelt, soaring response, the band find a sense of positive action and hope that we can make a change.

It’s powerful stuff and gives us a hint of what’s to come on their highly-anticipated second full album, which we can expect in 2023.  Last year’s EP, ‘I Wanna Party’, delivered dynamic, flowing rock’n’roll with a warm, full sound that sweeps the listener along.  The new material has retained the same energy and passion.  While you’re waiting for the new album, enjoy this on repeat.

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