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The Arcs will release new album ‘Electrophonic Chronic’ on January 27th.

The project is led by Dan Auerbach, and features a raft of close friends and collaborators. This incoming LP is the group’s first in eight years, and it was co-produced by The Arcs’ Leon Michels and Dan Auerbach.

In a nice touch, the album was largely recorded with band mate Richard Swift, before his sad passing in 2018. He remains much-missed.

Out on January 27th, ‘Electrophobic Chronic’ leads on the band’s shared love of 60s garage rock, pop, and more, all while adding fresh elements, and new ideas. Dan Auerbach says…

“Whether it was New York City or Nashville or L.A. or Swift’s hometown of Cottage Grove, Oregon, wherever we were, we would always get in the studio together. Always. It was our favourite thing to do. It’s rare that you meet a group of people that you click with like that, who you instantly bond with. We were just having fun, making sounds, making music. It was an amazing time for me.”

Lead single ‘Keep On Dreamin’ is a bright, melodic return, with the punchy songwriting matched to some crisp, analogue production. The animated visuals were constructed by director Robert Schober and visual artist El Oms.

Tune in now.

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