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The 1975 have gone to war with Australian radio station Triple J.

The station is one of Australia’s most important barometers of cool, perhaps the key broadcaster for a younger demographic. The 1975 have just confirmed plans to head back to Australia, unveiling a number of tour dates Down Under.

Triple J immediately reported the news, but their sudden approval of his music only served to rub frontman Matty Healy up the wrong way.

Seemingly the station hasn’t been too kind to The 1975 historically, with Matty Healy clapping back: “You literally have nothing to do with us coming to Australia don’t start getting involved now.”

He added: “You don’t have a monopoly on cool and the head of your company is a knobhead so yous can fuck off…”

Over on IG Stories, Matty Healy said simply “play our music then” before insisting that Triple J “stop licking our arse…”

Triple J haven’t commented.

The 1975’s new album ‘Being Funny In A Foreign Language’ is out on October 14th.

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