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Canning Town voice tendai has shared his emotive new single ‘Time In Our Lives’.

The songwriter has a vivid, soulful approach, one that moves from left-field electronics to gospel-soaked soul, offering something dynamic and true in the process.

New single ‘Time In Our Lives’ is a stellar return, it’s quiet poignancy carrying a very subtle form of intensity. A whispered vocal, the song was co-produced by tendai and AOD, and it comes straight from the heart.

The video was shot by Ethan and Tom, with tendai creating the central concept – it’s about capturing a moment, and the clip aims to do so from several different aspects.

tendai takes the central role, wearing a red robe – an item worn by his mother whilst pregnant with both tendai and his sister.

Reflecting on the song, he comments:

i think back to when it came out of me, and what was happening in my life – from breaking up with my partner to wanting to leave my management at the time – i was faced with a lot of endings. 

when the band got together to make the record im not sure if they knew where my head was at , but because we’re all such sensitive feelers i guess it came out in the music.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Eddie Otchere

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