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Teleman have laid out plans for new album ‘Good Time / Hard Time’.

The new album is the band’s first in four years, and it finds the group in a state of evolution. Long-time keyboard player Jonny Sanders has departed, aiming to focus on his film and design work, with Teleman swapping roles to acknowledge this.

New album ‘Good Time / Hard Time’ emerges from this period of evolution, and it’s out on April 7th. A nimble 10 tracker, the project is led by inspired new single ‘Short Life’, a disco-infused piece of plaintive psych-pop that urges us all to grab each day by the lapels.

A dulcet carpe diem ode, ‘Short Life’ is blessed with a super Tom Sanders vocal – while ex band mate (and brother) Jonny Sanders returns to helm the video.

Tom Sanders explains; “This song is an affirmation that life is priceless and precious even though things can seem heavy. I often get lost for days and weeks in a really low place where I’m just waiting to come out the other side. In these depressive moments it helps to remind myself that it’s a short life- days are limited so lets snap out of it!”

Tune in now.

1. Short Life
2. Trees Grow High
3. Wonderful Times
4. Easy Now I’ve Got You
5. Cherish
6. Hello Everybody
7. I Can Do It For You
8. The Juice
9. The Girls Who Came To Say
10. Good Time/Hard Time

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