Tara Lily’s ‘You Can Go’ Is An Absorbing Fusion Of Influences | News

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South London artist Tara Lily has shared new single ‘You Can Go’.

The songwriter’s incoming EP ‘Last Flight Out’ illustrates her breadth, with Tara’s soulful vocals blending a whole tapestry of sounds.

Rooted in jazz, she leans on club flavours during the EP, while exploring different aspects of her British-Bengali heritage. As she puts it: “I guess for me this project was about pushing the boundaries of jazz. So, you have a DnB track with trumpet, an Afro-Asian dance fusion, and some Indo-Jazz. They’re all about exploring the limits of the genre and stretching it into different spaces.”

“Fundamentally, jazz is at the root of everything that I do – I’ve explored working with other sounds and genres as I’ve gone along. Whether it’s being influenced by life, relationships, people, or culture – I’m always exploring pushing jazz in the realms of modern music and making it relative to who I am and how I live my life today.”

The new EP is out on September 30th, with one final preview landing online. ‘You Can Go’ is tinged in the forward-rush of house music, while also illuminated by R&B textures and sitar elements.

An intriguing conversation between East and West, it’s all held together by Tara’s questing spirit – tune in now.

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