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Tamino has shared new song ‘You Don’t Own Me’.

The songwriter pours his soul into new album ‘Sahar’, which lands on September 23rd. Beautiful new song ‘You Don’t Own Me’ is emblematic of his approach, with the lyrics discussing a commitment to personal freedom, and offering a message of unity in the face of oppression.

There’s a literary flair here, too, with Tamino citing the work of philosopher and Holocaust survivor Viktor E. Frankl – in particular his book Man’s Search For Meaning – as a source of inspiration.

Out now, the full video for ‘You Don’t Own Me’ was crafted in collaboration with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, a legendary choreographer who has worked with Beyonce.

Director Bastiaan Lochs comments…

“Time, to me, is the most universal oppressing force. the passing of time weighs down on everyone everywhere always. Our lives tick away second by second and there is no escaping this. But showing clocks didn’t seem very appropriate. Sand has always been the closest relatable substance to time for me. Perhaps because of the hourglass. Sand falling and filling up a space feels like a physical representation of time beating down relentlessly. The idea of Tamino in a house slowly filling up with sand started forming. A place undefinable in time. Where each second might as well be an eternity.”

Tune in now.

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