Suki Waterhouse Confirms New ‘Milk Teeth’ EP

Suki Waterhouse Confirms New 'Milk Teeth' EP

Suki Waterhouse will release her new EP ‘Milk Teeth’ on November 4th.

The model and actress has long harboured a passion for music, and finally made space to explore this on her debut album. Released earlier this year through Sub Pop, ‘I Can’t Let Go’ was an impressive mixture of classic-leaning elements, executive produced by Brad Cook.

The creativity continued on recent single ‘Nostalgia’, while Suki’s archive song ‘Good Looking’ enjoyed a curious viral moment over the summer.

Looking ahead, new EP ‘Milk Teeth’ is out on November 4th, and it will bring together five songs from earlier moments in her career, plus one new song ‘Neon Signs’. Available digitally, a vinyl pressing is also incoming.

Suki Waterhouse comments…

“It means the world that ‘Milk Teeth’ is getting a vinyl release. These songs were like secrets to me. They were witness to a time when I felt like I was drowning and I needed to connect on a profound level in order to stay afloat. I share them with everyone who collaborated me on this record. I’m so grateful for the guidance and permission they gave me to explore.”

1. Neon Signs
2. Valentine
3. Good Looking
4. Johanna
5. Coolest Place in the World
6. Brutally

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