Sounds from past the Shed – Week 120 – Americana UK

Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 120 – Americana UK

Close to not possible…

It’s been a very long time (fortunately) since I’ve to needed to attempt to discover a flat or place to stay. My daughter is within the midst of the horror now. Full-time job, good particular person, affordable wage – nothing… It’s a desert, filled with shit rooms for just about a month’s wages per 30 days. I’m certain that I’m late to this explicit side of recent life however how within the identify of holy fuck are the generations coming by way of ever going to be freed from the debt they’ve been saddled with for his or her training AND discover affordable locations to stay and contribute to society with out each penny of their hard-earned brass being leached away by money-grubbing slum landlords peddling vermin-infested hovels?

If this looks like a rant, it’s. Delighted to be spending time with Meg however she needs (wants) her independence, As a 28-year-old lady, residing with Mum and Dad (significantly this Dad!), is just not a life-style alternative. Certain we’re all heat (ish) and dry however how can a society progress if our youngsters are hobbled by the grasping few squeezing each final drop from them?

Rant over however I’m certain I’ll return to this sooner or later or at the least report that some miracle has occurred and lodging has been discovered! This week I’ve been brushing up my driving abilities by performing some coach driving simply to earn some pennies. It has been fantastic ‘sharing’ my sounds with the passengers as they go to highschool. This morning it was Kevin Morby and Josh Rouse, yesterday a Steve Earle particular! Tonight’s run will function a compilation together with the brand new Hurray for the Riff Raff single, some Half Dream and far more and possibly this week’s episode of Sounds from past the Shed from Mixcloud which incorporates a number of good stuff (CSN, Margo Cilker, Jeffrey Martin, Sparklehorse, Arlo Guthrie and so on). Subsequently the alternatives are clear for this week’s hear. Hurray for the Riff Raff and a few Half Dream. As ever take what you need or want… oh and when you have a flat for rental an inexpensive worth in Milton Keynes let me know please….

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