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Sophia Alexa grew up in a host of different cities, deciphering a host of different languages in the process. Music became her guide, a companion and a means to understand the shifting landscapes around her.

Soaking up the classics – Joni Mitchell, Neil Young’s acoustic work, even Stevie Nicks – she started to interpret them in her own fashion, constructing her own statements about the position she finds herself in.

Now rooted in London – she’s been here for a decade now – Sophia is torn between the community of friends she’s built, and a desire to escape. This dichotomy fuels new song ‘Going To California’, a hymn to escapism that finds Sophia Alexa longing to move beyond the horizon.

Stylistically it feels like those early 70s Laurel Canyon cuts, while adding something fresh and distinct. The dewy arrangement is hued in light, with Sophia’s voice offering calm assurance in the passing storm.

Sophia Alexa comments…

I wrote ‘Going To California’ when I was feeling a bit trapped in London, so I started to romanticize escaping to a different place. I was originally born in California and I’ve always wondered what my life would look like if I grew up there. I’ve kept it as a place in my mind I could escape to, which is what I wanted to say in this song.

We’re able to air the video before anyone else – tap in below.

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