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Danish musician Sleep Party People has shared his atmospheric new track ‘Spider Tracks’.

The musician – real name Brian Batz – has amassed a formidable catalogue, touching on the darker, more experimental end of shoegaze and dream pop. Music that digs into the subconscious mind, he switches up his approach on new album ‘Heap Of Ashes’.

Out on November 11th, the project found the songwriter rejecting his previous methods, opting instead to create a mesh of self-produced tape loops, which he would then somehow interweave as a coherent piece of songwriting.

“I had a dogma that I was not allowed to write a song on piano, guitar, or anything else that I was used to,” he says. “It took an entire month to make the first song…” 

New track ‘Spider Cracks’ is online now, a haunting return that epitomises his stark, unrelenting sound palette. Minimalist in tone, it rises above these slender aspects to chart sombre emotional truths, displaying the cathartic nature of Sleep Party People’s work.

Tune in now.

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