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sleaford mods combine with Dry Cleaning’s Florence Shaw on new single ‘Force 10 From Navarone’.

The group’s new album ‘UK Grim’ is out on March 10th, with sleaford mods slashing into Britain’s bloated underbelly. Stripped from the LP, new song ‘Force 10 From Navarone’ turns the gap inward, presenting one of Jason Williamson’s most open lyrics to date.

The barbed electronics wrap around his voice, the rage curdling, and then finally breaking. It’s offset by those excellent deadpan guest vocals from Dry Cleaning’s Florence Shaw, and the two complement each other perfectly.

There’s a real sense of drama to the song, with ‘Force 10 From Navarone’ seeming to ask where happiness can be found in This Modern Dystopia. Jason comments…

“The track is a conversation with myself coming to terms with happiness and whether it is in fact a darker space than my negativity and depression. Coupled with that it explores the myth of activism and inaction of the majority in the UK in the presence of a corrupt government.”

Discussing the duet, he adds: “We’re big fans of Dry Cleaning and knew Flo would be perfect for the track. She’s the real deal and conjures the inspiration I get from the likes of Wu-Tang in the way she uses one word to convey a whole story.”

Tune in now.

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