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Tranquil composer Six Missing has shared new song ‘Loving Kindness’.

The musician dwells in calmer climes, using subtlety as a means of expression. His restrained touch lends itself to some beautiful elements, something that has evolved over a number of intriguing and highly distinct projects.

New EP ‘Intention II’ is out on December 9th, and ahead of this Six Missing has shared an absorbing, chilled out preview.

Undulating on its own frequency, ‘Loving Kindness’ has a meditative quality, with Six Missing turning his gaze inwards. He comments…

“’Loving Kindness’ is the second track on the EP and offers the listener a sonic journey through the deeper part of their meditation, the phase in which you’ve found your breath and have centered yourself in the moment. It’s the second layer of the inward journey. The track’s title gives a gentle suggestion of meditating on the meaning of Loving Kindness and how powerful the realisation can be.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Hannah Edelman

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