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Sault have released new song ‘Angel’.

The reclusive collective – spearheaded by producer Inflo – are famed for their productivity, with their stellar soul lighting up those prolonged periods of lockdown. Albums such as ‘(Untitled) Rise’ set new benchmarks for UK soul music, while surprise album ‘Air’ saw Inflo pivot towards modern classical.

Teased on socials, new song ‘Angel’ is out now. The 10 minute track is tagged as an EP on Apple Music, and it carries a Caribbean quality, with the chanted vocals – “11 years old and he’s on his own…” – in the introduction set against a stabbing guitar line, while discussing diasporic experiences.

Settling into a neat trip hop influenced groove with gospel choir backing, ‘Angel’ then evolves into a piano laden lament, before Sault switch it up once more; moving through a spoken word section, the clipped guitar line reintroduces the song, with a sombre leading to the introspective conclusion.

Out now, the cellular structure brings together numerous new ideas, with ‘Angel’ taking you on a real journey from one point to the next.

Tune in now.

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