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Sault have just released five password-protected albums.

The enigmatic group tend to do things their own way. Initial releases were placing on streaming without a lot of fanfare, while last year’s ‘Nine’ project was deleted after 99 days.

Recently returning with contemporary classical project ‘AIR’, Sault posted a message just a few days ago altering fans to the potential for something new.

In a follow up statement, Sault have confirmed that they have placed five albums in a zip file on their website. Fans need to locate the password, which is said to reside in the message itself.

‘Nine’ 99 days

Describing the feast as “an offering to God,” Sault says the code “is in the message”; it was signed off, “Love SAULT.” 

Of the five albums in the zip, ‘Aiir’ is said to follow on from their recent contemporary classical endeavour; ‘Earth’ is more soul rooted, ‘Today & Tomorrow’ links to 70s funk, while ‘Untitled (God)’ echoes the spartan R&B of ‘Untitled (Is)’.

So, try and crack the code at the Sault website.

Sault recently teamed with Chronixx on multi-layered song ‘Angel’ – find it below.

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