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Leicester rapper Sainté has shared his new single ‘Sade’.

The 22 year old hit light speed with his single ‘Champagne Shots’, becoming a huge viral sensation. The hype of completely deserved, however, with the Midlands artist having worked continuously since his teens, continually pushing himself harder.

2021 EP ‘Out Of The Blue’ was a bold, emphatic move, one that presented an artist who could switch it up between lanes.

Out now, ‘Sade’ started as a studio improv, before becoming something much more. The title is a homage to the UK soul queen, with Sainté saluting a formative influence on his work.

Catchy as hell, ‘Sade’ finds Sainté flipping the script once more, operating purely on instinct. He comments…

‘Sade’ was just an interlude which we made in like 25 mins just freestyling, but we ended up liking the track to the point we added a second verse. I was going through my usual Sade phase and I had the name stuck in my head…so I told bb, let’s make something but with no explanations, but came out with a record you can just get crazy to!

Tune in now.

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