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Music has always been a part of Nathan Jamal’s life. His father was a reggae musician, and his home stereo blasted out soul, jazz, Caribbean music, and more at family gatherings. Now growing into his own life, he’s picked Roseland En Why Cee as a name, as a lens to bring focus to these disparate influences.

A full five track EP is incoming from the newcomer, a mosaic of sounds laden with colour. Hip-hop sits close to the centre of it all, and that pulse holds together the soulful, pop-edged songwriting.

New song ‘Bené’ illustrates his raw imagination, with Roseland En Why Cee injecting the release with real vibrancy. The low-end is evident throughout, but the neat rhythms point towards the lingering influence of Brazilian culture on his work.

Roseland En Why Cee comments…

“I re-watched the film City of God after years and remembered how much I connected to the character of Bené. I thought it would be fun to reimagine him in a world that was part 70s Rio, part modern day London. Blending parts of myself into the character until the lines start to blur.”

“Bené’s story would be really empowering if it weren’t for the tragic twist at the end. Unfortunately that’s a reality for so many lives. I think my way of dealing with tragedy is to face it head on, and try to find the beauty in and around the negative parts.” 

Tune in now.

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