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Rosehardt has previewed his incoming project ‘how are you? Vol. 2’.

The Brooklyn based multi-disciplinary artist puts his heart into every project he accepts. Real name Caleb Eberhardt, he’s perhaps best known as an actor, starring in Judas & The Black Messiah, HBO’s Betty, and upcoming drama Damascus.

Music remains a key creative outlet for him, however, and the ongoing ‘how are you?’ series is a point of self-awareness, self-exploration. The second instalment is incoming, and it’s led by new song ‘Boogey Man’ – appropriate for the season, don’t you think?

Vivid and uncompromising, it finds Rosehardt re-centring his creative practise around music, and accepting the revelations his songwriting can bring within his own life. He comments…

“‘Boogey Man’ is a declaration of commitment. Historically, love as a theme in my music has always had an air of ambivalence. Heartbreak, trauma, and the ensuing aversion to love, for the most part, is at the center of my music. ‘Boogeyman’ to me is a long awaited break from this theme, in that I’m now ready to show the full spectrum of my love to someone, but also aware that it’s never as easy as you want it to be.”

‘how are you? Vol. 2’ is out on October 28th. Check out ‘Boogey Man’ below.

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