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Robert Glasper has shared new song ‘Therapy Pt. 2’, featuring vocals from the late Mac Miller.

The track appears on the artist’s upcoming release ‘Black Radio III: Supreme Edition’, which is slated to land on October 14th.

Bolstering the original album with unheard cuts, this new edition features a previously unreleased Mac Miller vocal. The collaboration came about naturally, with Robert Glasper completing a demo beat, and immediately looping the rap figure into the conversation.

Mac worked incredibly quickly, with ‘Therapy Pt. 2’ seemingly completed within an hour, essentially. Robert Glasper explains the story…

“I was working with my friend. We were just finishing up this specific beat. I immediately sent it to him, and literally within an hour he sent me back that track…”

“Everything was on there—both verses the choruses—and you could tell it was not something that he had written before. He sang the chord changes. You can tell he really came up with that in the moment.”

 Mac’s estate comment: “We’re honoured to share this beautiful song that Malcolm created with Robert Glasper with the world. Anyone that followed Malcolm’s career closely is already aware of the respect he held for Robert’s work. The song is the product of the friendship the two shared and perfectly encapsulates the musical gifts of both Malcolm and Robert.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Liam MF Warwick

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