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Richard Orofino has shared his new song ‘johnnycakes’.

Originally from Long Island, Richard Orofino found his identity through the internet. Watching production classes online, he became part of a loose-knit community of creators, one that extended from New York to London, Los Angeles to Nashville.

Forging his own style, he’s now based in Brooklyn, and his studio resonates with new sounds. 2022 opened with his single ‘Bending’, before the sad-core journey that was ‘Superstar’.

New single ‘johnnycakes’ continues his return, a kind of hushed, spartan take on bedroom pop. Opaque indie songwriting, it’s reminiscent of Skullcrusher or even Slow Pulp, a kind of DIY, fragmented take on a highly personal sound.

He comments…

“’Johnnycakes’ is about deeply desiring something you know you shouldn’t have. Whether it’s in that moment or for good, it’s a really tough reality to grasp either way.”

The full video is online now, and it features – of all things – cannoli, before evolving into a surreal visual accompaniment to Richard Orofino’s music.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Lauren Luiz and Tyler Thompson

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