Richard Dawson Announces New Album ‘The Ruby Cord’ | News

Richard Dawson Announces New Album 'The Ruby Cord' | News

Richard Dawson is set to release new album ‘The Ruby Cord’ on November 18th.

The songwriter truly operates in a field of his own, making striking work that avoids comparison with virtually any other artist. New LP ‘The Ruby Cord’ continues his journey; Richard Dawson’s seventh album to date, it closes an ad hoc trilogy.

The series opened in the pre-Medieval landscapes of ‘Peasant’, before entering the present day with ‘2020’ – could ‘The Ruby Cord’ lead to the future…?

“So many of us are moving into these fantasy worlds,” he comments. “Whether it’s actual constructed virtual realities, computer worlds, or retreating into even more fantastical realms…. conspiracy theories, nationalism, amateur football punditry. People construct their own world because this one is so flawed.” 

“Like when you play video games, sometimes something glitches and it makes something happen that’s really bizarre and disturbing.” 

Opening track ‘The Hermit’ is a 40 minute epic, and it will premiere in cinemas across the UK alongside a short film.

Watch a short preview below.

‘The Ruby Cord’ will be released on November 18th. Tracklisting:  
1.         The Hermit  
2.         Thicker Than Water  
3.         The Fool  
4.         Museum  
5.         The Tip of an Arrow  
6.         No-one  
7.         Horse and Rider 

Photo Credit: Kuba Ryniewicz 

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