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Rhythm Section will release new ‘SHOUTS’ compilation on December 2nd.

The Peckham label has a reputation for excellence, blurring the lines between club sounds, R&B, and jazz. The ‘SHOUTS’ compilation was launched for the imprint’s fifth birthday, a means to platform new talent that might otherwise go unsupported.

Growing into a regular endeavour, ‘SHOUTS’ returns later this year, boasting a 29 strong tracklisting. Moving from soulful introspection to all-out system fire, it contains a slew of exclusives, with Rhythm Section sharing a trilogy of previews from Sally C, JuJu Rogers, and Fiyahdred.

Label founder Bradley Zero comments…

“SHOUTS was only ever intended to be a one-off project to celebrate five years of the label, but the process of hitting up artists we respect and admire to contribute a track to a compilation ended up being a game changer for us as a label. It turns out we have so much to shout about! In this world of over subscribed pressing plants, six month lead times and increasing production costs, it makes more and more sense to transition this project into the digital realm…”

Get involved below, and go deep on the Rhythm Section journey in this archive Clash profile.


1 Yoofee – Areyousure
2 Sally C – The Way To Do It
3 Fiyahdred – Got 2 (Let It Go)
4 billy2chips – Like Mine
5 Yak – Moon Sugar
6 Daisy Moon – No Xylem
7 DJ Pitch – Genelle
8 Natty Wylah – 2 2s Aint Always 4
9 Cato & Yottie – My Way / Technics
10 JuJu Rogers – Warrior
11 Akin Soul – Daylight
12 Tara Strange – Staffy
13 Noah Slee – Switch Off
14 nowhere To Be – mouse In my room / homerun
15 Athlete Whippet – Jupiter
16 Asa Tate – Looking Glass
17 James Bangura – Conflict Of Interest
18 Boulderhead – Metasound
19 Jurango & Jamaica Mnanda – Junglizer
20 Stephen Howe – Flow State
21 Eoin DJ – Mild Life Crisis
22 Manami – Rain Dance
23 Ma Sha – Here We Hear Orange
24 Monophonik – Naga
25 Martyn Bootyspoon – SH – 101 PUNISHER
26 GNORK – snailshellfractal
27 Ian DPM – Overheard By The Birds
28 Rejoicer – Da Wall Destroy
29 S. Fidelity – Im So Happy

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