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Edinburgh based group Redolent have shared new song ‘Space Cadet’.

The band seem to occupy their own realm, refusing to fit in with the boundaries around them. Skeletal electronics wrapped around indie songcraft, they craft songs that recall Mount Kimbie in their curious subtlety, while also adding a unique sense of directness.

Freshly signed to Columbia Records, Redolent have just shared a brand new single. Out now, ‘Space Cadet’ expertly pieces together their charms – the digital production lifts club culture tropes, while presenting them in a startling, and vivid way.

The band hinge on brothers Danny and Robin Herbert, yet the five-piece seem to allow space for each individual voice to come forwards. “I’m a big fan of high energy and speed when I’m making music; I like trying to be in the record as much as possible,” explains Danny. “It’s like a giant freight train with no brakes.”

Robin adds: “Space Cadet’s about frustrating social interactions with people that you don’t gel with; ones that maybe made you feel a bit daft and where you didn’t get what was going on.”

A song that blends in-jokes with a snappy chorus – seemingly penned when they were teenagers – ‘Space Cadet’ is a blast of refreshing individuality. Currently holding down a residency at The Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh, you can catch Redolent at The Great Escape’s First Fifty this Autumn.

Check out ‘Space Cadet’ below.

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