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Queen Colobus have shared new song ‘5/9’.

A London based collective with a Welsh vocalist, Queen Colobus represents a space for expression, with each musician bringing their own tastes and inclinations to the table.

A full EP is incoming, moving between neo-soul, jazz, and indie, somehow bringing these disparate influences into a coherent whole. Reminiscent of Hiatus Kyote in their boundless creativity, the emotional pull of their songwriting is held together by Beth Hopkins’ voice.

New song ‘5/9’ is online now, and it alternates between smooth, blissful elements and that stop-start breakdown. The lyrics are enormously personal, with Beth Hopkins discussing her father’s response while battling aggressive cancer.

“The phrase ‘five out of nine’ was sort of like a response to ‘how do you feel out of ten?’ He’d always say fine, onwards and upwards! He kept this up all the way until the end. The phrase ‘5/9’ felt strange and warped, exactly how the nights felt throughout his treatment.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Electra Bruce-Smith

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