Pshycotic Beats Searches For The Light With ‘It’s About Time’ | News

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Pshycotic Beats has shared new single ‘It’s About Time’.

The artist has always used music as a means to frame his emotions, seeking to build a mirror to his inner self. Yet a breakdown pushed him to the edge, forced him to recalibrate the manner in which he approaches music.

A vessel for optimism, new single ‘It’s About Time’ toys with light and shade, Pshycotic Beats yearning towards something a little more pure. As he puts it, the electronic pop framework is rooted in a plan for “if Trent Reznor produced the Pet Shop Boys…”

Lyrically, ‘It’s About Time’ finds Pshycotic Beats at his most open, discussing painful aspects in his life before turning towards the light. He says…

“I have a personality disorder and I’m recovering from a major depressive episode that almost killed me. I had been lost and suicidal for 10 years but now I am happy, I enjoy life. To all those suffering from mental illness, I want to say that no matter how desperate you are, there is always treatment, possibilities, and a chance for the light to overcome the darkness. Ask for help and fight. Everything will pass. Nothing is permanent. Neither is the darkness, light will eventually come out again.”

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