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Duo piri & tommy are a pair who have cemented themselves as one of the frontrunners in a new wave of UK pop. Their sound, a youthful remark on rave sounds, has exploded over the past year, with the pair amassing millions of streams and views as well as taking their live show to sold out venues across the country.

Now the duo has dropped something fresh, this time a cover of fellow pop visionary Charli XCX’s ‘Unlock It’, which saw a new lease of life due to its TikTok virality this year. The cover, while reminiscent of the original, sees piri & Tommy deliver a more laidback edge. Piri’s vocals are silky smooth, laced in AutoTune, bathed in reverb and delay. The drums have a low fidelity edge, a nod toward the ‘bedroom DnB’ that has become so popular in recent times. Tommy’s production is clean and polished, opting for a less-is-more approach with a batch of gloss synthesisers and a deep sub bass.

Covers are always a minefield; especially when reworking a track by such an iconic artist. The duo has taken ‘Unlock It’ and have injected it with a new sound and aura, though it still stays true to its club roots. piri & tommy are a consistent and high-quality force in the pop sphere right now and carefully curated and executed covers like this one will only continue their steady rise to super stardom.

Tune in now.

piri & Tommy’s debut project ‘froge.mp3’ is out now.

Words: James Mellen

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