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piri & tommy have laid out plans for debut project ‘froge.mp3’.

The duo met shortly before the first lockdown, entering a student house bubble together. Emerging with a clutch of absolute bangers, piri & tommy found viral success with a string of fantastic singles.

Incoming project ‘froge.mp3’ marks a full year of creativity, and it’s set to land on October 21st via Polydor. For piri, it’s a summation of those endless nights making music together; in her words, the project “is basically a diary of the first year tommy and I have been making music, and pretty much the first year of us knowing each other at all.”

“Each song (in both lyrics and vibe) captures a different point in time of our journey, and the different experiences and emotions we were going through. We really wanted to avoid guiding or limiting ourselves too much during the creative process: we made whatever we felt like, just for fun, and I can definitely feel that energy of us enjoying being creative and with no pressure when listening back. It’s so cool having a collection of tracks to document parts of our lives in that way, like a little time capsule.”

tommy, meanwhile, describes how “every single track was an experiment. This was the first time I’ve been entirely responsible for producing an entire record, it’s been super fun to make and I’ve learned so much about producing just by doing this. Every track had a different challenge and I’m proud that all of them have individuality, through different genres, instrumentations, writing styles and production techniques. I just want everyone to enjoy this project: we poured our hearts and souls into these songs, roll on project 2!”

Hitting the road, piri & tommy will play a flurry of UK shows in November, including London’s Scala venue on November 8th.

Check out new single ‘on & on’ below.

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