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Phoebe Hall has shared EP ‘Runaway’ in full.

The alt-pop voice speaks from the heart, with a string of singles emphasising her artistic curiosity. Using music as a mirror to her own experiences, Phoebe Hall twists these sometimes uncomfortable memories, adding a dose of self-deprecating humour.

New EP ‘Runaway’ brings her early promise together into one place, with Phoebe Hall tackling body dysmorphia, bad relationships, and lingering feelings of guilt. The four song EP opens with the title track, before moving into ‘Through The Phone’ and the coy, delightful ‘Secrets’.

Ending with ‘Sometimes’, it’s an impressive piece of lyrical and melodic prowess from the newcomer. Phoebe Hall comments…

“We looked at a range of artists for inspiration on this EP and I curated a whole playlist which covered everything from beats I liked to general moods and feelings of songs. There was a lot of Holly Humberstone and Lorde playing during the process, and I think you can hear the influences of this edgy pop in the record.

I write about body dysmorphia, feelings of guilt and good and bad relationships which are all things that should be explored.

‘Sometimes’ is about wanting someone you know you can’t have. It’s about one moment you shared with them that you’ve now taken and romanticised a whole relationship and life with them in your head.”

Tune in now.

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