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Philip Selway will release new album ‘Strange Dance’ on February 24th.

The Radiohead musician has a rich solo catalogue, including excursions into the soundtrack realm. Scoring such films as Let Me Go and Carmilla, he takes these experiences back into the studio for his new solo album.

Out on February 24th, ‘Strange Dance’ features 10 new songs, composed by Philip Selway at home. Using guitar and piano, he then took these songs into a more widescreen realm, with the LCO – conducted by Robert Ames – joined by the Assemble Choir, and the Elysian Collective during these sessions.

“The scale of it was very deliberate for me, from the outset,” he says. “I wanted the soundscape to be broad and tall but somehow get it to wrap around this intimate vocal at the heart of it”. 

Available to pre-order, the album is led by rich, expressive new song ‘Check For Signs Of Life’; refulgent in vocal, languid in arrangement, Selway’s half-spoken delivery is augmented by those choking strings, so beautiful yet also so dark.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Phil Sharp

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