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Paul Weller has labelled The Cure’s Robert Smith a “fat cunt” in a new interview.

The Modfather chats to Record Collector this month, a special edition covering all facets of his career. In the cover interview, Paul Weller is asked about his close friend Noel Gallagher’s new album, with the interview remarking that one song sounds like The Cure’s ‘A Forest’.

The songwriter is said to have reacted with “incredulity and revulsion” before going on an epic rant about frontman Robert Smith.

“Really?!” he spluttered. “I can’t fucking stand them. Fucking fat cunt, with his lipstick and all that bollocks. He is my age as well, isn’t he?”

Paul Weller added: “He’s a fucking knob end. I don’t like him. There you go. There’s someone I wouldn’t work with. I’d fucking slap him, or something.”

It’s not known what sparked the feud; Robert Smith is no stranger to barbed quotes during interviews himself, but there’s no previous evidence of indemnity.

In a since deleted tweet, The Cure’s Roger O’Donnell wrote: “Ive always thought, as Spike Milligan said, people who live in glass houses should pull the blinds down before removing their trousers… Mr Weller?”

Paul Weller hasn’t commented further; Robert Smith has offered no response.

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