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Oscar Scheller has unleashed new album ‘Coming Of Age’ in full.

Out now, it follows his earlier three album arc – ‘Cut and Paste’, ‘HTTP404’ and 2021’s ‘Boys Cry’ – merging alt-pop with R&B and membership tropes. This time spherical, he’s focussing on love in all its guises, from flirtation to dedication, from heartache to devotion.

Crafted over a prolonged spell within the studio, ‘Coming Of Age’ leans on Oscar’s innate artistry – the refulgent voice, the maturity of his lyricism – whereas additionally taking renewed dangers. Unafraid to be open, he appears ready to have a look at classic songwriting themes from a recent angle.

Oscar Scheller feedback…

“There are loads of love songs on ‘Coming Of Age’, however ‘love’ is so expansive and undefined. We’ve got so many concepts round love and what it means. The album is an exploration of that. There’s a motive we’re all the time serious about and speaking about love, why we’re so obsessive about it culturally. It’s a necessity to outlive. Being in my new environment, there’s much more love, and I’m lots higher at receiving it. I by no means was earlier than.”

Out now, the album is accompanied by the video for ‘Nightmare Blunt Rotation’ – directed by Morgan Maher, it’s turn into the aesthetic pivot for the mission as an entire.

Discussing the video, Oscar Scheller feedback:

“The video is meant to painting a sure claustrophobia and an lack of ability to see the reality. The ladies are nearly a logo of the nagging inner voice that desperately desires you to have interaction in a psychological spiral. The hedonism of self-indulgence and a starvation on your ideas to be seen by you. It was directed by the sensible Morgan Maher, and we had such a very good time making it and constructing our personal world!”

Tune in now.

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