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Olivia Dean returns with new single ‘Danger’.

The Walthamstow artist switches it up once more on the soulful new bop, dipping into something fantastic – and often hidden – influences on her work. This time round she’s embracing Lover’s Rock and Bossa nova, two very different styles but somehow she makes it work.

A soulful UK led variant on reggae, Lover’s Rock appears in the syncopated rhythm, while those melodies certainly have a Brazilian vibe. It’s all transformed into something deeply British, with Olivia Dean singing from the heart.

A song about falling in love and accepting something good into your life, ‘Danger’ is an excessive, ultra-catchy return from a precocious young artist. Olivia comments…

‘Danger’ is a song for when you realise the risk you’re taking by falling in love with someone who is really good for you. It’s playful, tongue in cheek and an oxymoron. My main aim with this song was to allow myself to have fun and let go. I wanted to make a Lover’s Rock/Bossa Nova influenced song as they were genres I love and I grew up listening to and hadn’t explored before.

Tune in now.

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