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Nick Hakim has shared new song ‘Vertigo’.

The songwriter’s new album ‘COMETA’ is out on October 21st, a process that takes his work to a fresh level. The LP began with ‘Vertigo’, a song that opens with lush keys, the warm chords recalling those epic Stevie Wonder records from the 70s.

Supple and soulful, ‘Vertigo’ is an immersive experience, a true headphone listen. Handing the lyrics to director Asli Baykal, the video for ‘Vertigo’ was shot on location in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with Nick Hakim appearing in a rotating house built by Vojin Kusic.

Asli Baykal comments…

“The making of the video spanned over a transformative year, and our collaborative friendship with Nick became the center of the journey. Initially, Nick showed me a video of a Tuxedomoon performance from Downtown 81. It was filmed in the studio where the camera was spinning in the middle.”

“That idea gave life to the lyrics ‘Spinnin’, fast as hell can’t tell if it’s me or the room that’s moving’. The room evolved into a moving house by a man who built it for his wife. Love is dizzying with multiple spins.”

Catch Nick Hakim at London’s Avalon Cafe on October 27th; he plays London’s O2 Forum Kentish Town on March 18th.

Tune in now.

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