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New World Ray has shared his new single ‘Shooting Star’.

The rising star has Nigerian and American roots but is currently based here in the UK. It’s an apt pick – his style draws together diasporic elements, melding together Stateside tropes with West African elements to produce something striking and new.

His breakout EP ‘299, 792, 458 M/S‘ made his name, the numbers corresponding to the speed of light. Now he’s going to accelerate even faster, with new burner ‘Shooting Star’ sending fans into raptures

Sleek of design, finessed of production, ‘Shooting Star’ blazes further trails into the cosmos, New World Ray’s voice leading the way. Luminescent in his approach, the track seems to signify his evolution, escaping the gravitational pull of those around him.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Faysal Hassan

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