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NYC pop collective MICHELLE return with new single ‘PULSE’.

The band returned earlier this year with new album ‘AFTER DINNER WE TALK DREAMS’, an excellent display of riveting, ultra-futuristic pop ideals. Since then, MICHELLE have kicked off their Lavender tour, which touches down in the UK next month, including a London date as part of Pitchfork Festival.

Out now, new single ‘PULSE’ keeps the creative fires burning, an incredibly immediate slice of alt-pop. Bubbling with energy, ‘PULSE’ is about that sense of instant connection, and it taps into the rush of passion that comes from a collision between two people.

MICHELLE comment…

“‘PULSE’ is for release and for some sharp and glowing feeling when you lock eyes with a lover. ‘PULSE’ is for the dance floor. When the heat is cranked from moving bodies and a shared wanting, ‘PULSE’ is playing.”

Juliet Bryant directs the full video for ‘PULSE’, which you can check out below.

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