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Rising songwriter Michael Aldag has shared new single ‘OKAY’.

The youthful force seems able to connect on a broad level, with the massive engagement on his social platforms propelling his work to enormous heights. At its core, however, is an artist who seeks catharsis from songwriting, with Michael Aldag touching on coming-of-age issues everyone can relate to.

As he puts it: “My music’s for anybody who feels slightly-to-constantly overwhelmed and unsure of who they are, flailing around in this massive ridiculous world.”

New EP ‘SOCIALIZING’ is out on November 18th, a major moment of graduation for this young talent. His diaristic lyrics are evident on new song ‘OKAY’, which takes a gentle but probing approach to mental health in young men.

Looking at this topic from a new angle, ‘OKAY’ is all the more illuminating for its subtlety. Discussing the EP more broadly, he adds: “‘SOCIALIZING’ is about my life from when I was 16 years old to now and all that has entailed, namely: overthinking, alcohol poisoning, getting rejected by crushes, stress and more overthinking.”

Tune in now.

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