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Reading group Mellor have shared new song ‘Could If I Would’.

The band have done things the hard way, winning over fans gig by sweaty gig. Finessing their songwriting in the process, a string of excellent singles have scorched the path to Mellor’s incoming album.

Out on November 11th, ‘Problematic Passions’ finds Mellor operating on their own terms, working in a DIY method. Taking full control, the record was constructed in their home studio, with the band matching real-life commitments around their lengthy creative sessions.

Mellor comment…

“One of our biggest concerns of recording an album in the past was the studio costs and the desire to experiment and tinker with ideas as much as possible. We decided to invest in a home studio and learn how to engineer as we went.”

“Fully aware we could be sacrificing a crisp, polished sound, we wanted that live, raw feel and knew we’d love the freedom of snaking in and out of all the songs we had in the making. Jake Day has done an impeccable job of mixing the songs and working with us to find the personality of the album.”

“Although not a true concept album, it has a recurring theme of the bad things people do or get themselves into. A problematic passion could be anything from drugs and stealing to manipulation and money troubles.”

The 12-track project includes the previously shared singles ‘Meet Me By The Ocean’, ‘Battle Hardened’, and ‘Gargoyle Groove’, alongside brand new track ‘Could If I Would’. A punchy rallying cry, this new track carries a real urgency, with Mellor’s grit taking them to a whole new level.

A deeply British take on rock music, the Reading outfit build to their anthemic chorus, pristinely designed to be shouted back at them by adoring fans.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Alex Wickenden

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