Mazey Haze Returns With Psych-Speckled Charmer ‘The Weight Of The Weekend’ | News

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Dutch indie riser Mazey Haze has shared new single ‘The Weight Of The Weekend’.

The songwriter – real name Nadine Appeldoorn – made her debut with ‘Always Dancing’, a fine EP that blended astute lyrical observations with dreamy psych textures.

Moving forward, Mazey Haze supports Feng Suave at London’s Lafayette on November 2nd, and she’s just shared beautiful new single ‘The Weight Of The Weekend’.

Out now, the intoxicating slide guitar elements adds something ethereal, akin to the way shoegaze uses the whammy bar; refusing to settle into one place, it moves effortlessly through the subconscious, mirroring the lyrical search for connection.

As she puts it: “It’s sensitive for me, so it was a scary song to release…” 

Mazey Haze adds…

“This song is about me trying to figure out for myself how to connect with people and wanting to get rid of the part of me that holds me back from being free. Thinking about my childhood, myself and people in general. I find it hard to connect with myself and others, want to know why and how to get better. In this song you could say I’m talking to myself, to certain people around me and to the particular voice in my head that refuses to give me real peace and pride in anything I do.”

‘The Weight Of The Weekend’ is coupled with a new video, shot on the streets of Bar-le-Duc in France, directed by Tara Wilts.

Tune in now.

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