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Australian artist Matt Corby has shared new single ‘Problems’.

Now at home on Communion, the new release is his first burst of new material since 2020’s standalone singles ‘If I Never Say A Word’ and ‘Vitamin’.

Out now, ‘Problems’ is – almost in spite of its title – a curiously laid back jammer, soaked in West Coast synths and soulful sense of pop songwriting. Laid down at Matt Corby’s own Rainbow Valley Studios, it was constructed alongside Chris Collins.

The start of a new era, the crisp vocal seems to invite you to find the solution inside your own problems – he looks at his people tend to place obstacles in their way, and how this can be overcome.

Matt Corby comments…

“It’s about how funny humans are creating our own problems and issues that we then have to solve. Or creating problems so difficult we then can’t solve…”

“And how people talk so much shit and don’t do anything – how we’re setting ourselves up for failure. People want to point the finger but nobody wants to carry anything themselves.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Billy Zammit

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